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Restaurant:  El Mariachi Loco

Address:  101 Bellevue Ave Hammonton, NJ 08037

Price:  Very Reasonable

Portions:  Very Good

Taste:  Pretty Awesome

Service:  Friendly

Atmosphere:  Busy

The Missus and I heard about El Mariachi Loco last year.  Heard good things and we both like Mexican food.  She can’t take the spicy stuff and I stay away from the refried beans, but other than that, we’re game.

EML looks huge on the outside, but the inside is actually smaller than I expected.  Maybe there’s an upstairs or a back area, but I didn’t see it.  There was a mariachi guitar player.  He was pretty good!  A little loud at first, but he turned down the volume when the room emptied a little.  The hostess tried to sit us right next to him, but I stopped her.  No way I’m sitting that close to music.

The free chips including tomatillo salsa, which was my favorite.  The Missus had the refried bean dip.  There was also a much spicier salsa, which was good too.  Had to stick with the tomatillo salsa.  I went through two cups.  Fresh!

The menu is pretty huge.  Lots of interesting choices, including breakfast.  I got the shrimp ceviche and carne asada.  The Missus got a steak sopa and some kind of chicken enchilada with absolutely no spices.  Everything was great.  The ceviche was served on tostadas which I immediately thought would shatter with the first bite and fall all over the place, but they didn’t.  There was a mix up with the sopa, the waitress thought we said “soup” and brought us soup but they straightened it out.  The owner/chef Robert came out to make sure, everyone was very friendly.

I could’ve used some more iced tea and napkins, but they were super busy.  We topped it off with a Bananas Foster with Fried Ice Cream.  One of my weaknesses.  Great stuff.  I would totally go back, probably on a less busy night than a Friday.  It would also be a great lunch and/or breakfast place.  I like a little spice in the morning.  Get yourself to El Mariachi Loco, the food is crazy good.

I give El Mariachi Loco 8 out of 10 keggers.  There’s lots on that menu I gotta try.