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Restaurant:  Sushi to Go in Voorhees, NJ

Address:  106 White Horse Rd., Voorhees, NJ

Price:  High

Portions:  About right

Taste:  Pretty good

Service:  n/a

Atmosphere:  Take Out

The moment I saw the Sushi to Go sign in my neck of the woods, I knew I’d be trying the place at some point.  The Missus and I were continuing our anniversary weekend with binge watching the Night Manager and ordering take out.  I thought this was a perfect opportunity.  What cinched the deal was that they had sushi burritos.

For those of you that don’t know, the sushi burritos are essentially a large, burrito-sized sushi roll.  They don’t hold together as well as tortilla burritos, but they are pretty good.  They tend to fall apart on the last two bites because they don’t have a sealed end.  It is also harder and messier to get the wasabi and soy sauce in the mix.

The Missus got three rolls.  They had a three roll deal, but it doesn’t run on Sundays for some reason.  I got the yellow tail burrito, which also had shrimp tempura in it.  It was good, but the yellow tail got lost in the taste of the tempura.  The Dinosaur burrito, which had eel, was a little more well balanced.  Quite frankly, I would’ve preferred a lot of one kind of fish.  The highlight was the avocado salad with ginger dressing, which was the absolutely best.  Oh, and a Miso soup, which was good.

Total cost, around $37 with us running over to pick it up.  I kinda thought it would be cheaper, but it was pretty decent.  Next time, I’m going to stick with the burritos, but get nothing but raw tuna or salmon inside.  Otherwise, I might just stick with my normal order of Sushi Deluxe or whatever the equivalent is.  Kudos to the owners for bringing the trendy new sushi burrito to my neck of the woods.

I give Sushi to Go 8 out of 10 keggers.  It’s 95% a take out place, although there are a few tables if you’re in the area.