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RestaurantEl Mariachi San Lucas

Address:  118 white horse Rd E, Voorhees NJ 08043

Price:  Above Average

Portions:  Above Average

Taste:  Mind-Blowing

Service:  The Best

Atmosphere:  Mexican Cuisine

The Missus and I decided on some Mexican food for dinner.  I was looking for a place we hadn’t been when I searched and found El Mariachi San Lucas.  I had driven by the place before.  It’s a restaurant that takes up two spaces in the plaza near Echelon Mall.  Initially, the vinyl banner sent the message to me that the place was a lunch place.  But I really wanted to go to some place different, so I was willing to at least walk in.  Happily, it was a nice sit down place with quiet Mexican music playing in the background.

I started with the Crab San Lucas because it sounded like ceviche, which I always wanted to try since seeing it one of the Anthony Bourdain shows.  I asked the waitress, a very friendly woman by the name of Isabella, and indeed this was crab ceviche.  To that, I added Nopales, a salad made of cactus leaves and with all that, I figured I’d better take it easy on the entrée, so four pork tacos.

So first the homemade tortilla chips came out with three kinds of sauce.  The mild tasted like chipotle mayo, the hot was mostly heat, but the medium was a delicious tomatillo salsa that was perfect.  Next up, the ceviche and the Missus ordered a quesadilla with corn mushroom, cheese and lettuce.  Hers was good, but my ceviche was unbelievable.  If you’ve never had it, ceviche is raw seafood cooked by being soaked in lime juice.  It was mixed with diced avocado, tomatoes, onion, cilantro and a bed of shredded lettuce served in a giant martini glass.  Holy crap that was good!  After that, I just wanted two more glasses of it!

Next up, the cactus salad.  The Missus got a house salad with her dinner.  Man, it was awesome.  Grated cheese, more avocado and definitely more lime.  And these limes were fresh because when I eat limes that are kinda old, I get acid reflux.  Did not happen.  By the end of that salad, I was getting full.  But the entrée, also amazing.  Tacos with shredded pork that just melted in your mouth along with cilantro and onion.  No taco sauce required.  I ate two of the four.  The Missus had an enchilada, which I didn’t try but she loved and also couldn’t finish.

The total was a little over 58 dollars.  Way worth it.  And Isabella was gold.  The topper?  She had asked us if we were local and if it was our first time at El Mariachi San Lucas.  That, apparently, earns you a free dessert!  I, sadly, am on a diet and avoiding it.  The Missus however loved the coffee flan.  Oh, and I almost forgot, she started us off with a sample of Horchata and Mexican Sweet Tea.  Tasty and sweet.  The Missus got a Horchata to go.

What an incredible experience.  This is the easiest rating I’ve ever given a place.  10 out of 10 keggers.  Get yourself over to El Mariachi San Lucas for an authentic Mexican food experience.