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RestaurantKitchen 519

Address:  200 East Evesham Road Glendora NJ 08029

Food:  American

Price:  Good (About what you’d expect)

Portions:  Very Decent

Taste:  Excellent

Service:  Excellent

Atmosphere:  Hipster

So me and the Missus decided to avoid the Valentine’s Day rush and go out on a Thursday.  Close enough to the weekend to feel like it’s almost there, yet far enough away to keep the place empty.  Despite that, Kitchen 519 was pretty packed.  Most the clientele were young locals and young families.  The décor, as the Missus said, was “Refrigerator Magnet”.  It was white walls that had been dotted with kitchen aprons and pieces of artwork for sale.  The Missus, who had been a budding fine artist herself, declared the art pretty good.  I countered that she should be painting and selling her paintings for $150 a pop, which led to a discussion about how artists struggle, etc.

Anyhow, I had the Inside Out burger, being a burger guy.  A burger patty stuffed with gouda, bacon, arugula, tomato, carmelized onions and garlic aoli served with either salad or garlic fries.  I asked for fries and got both.  I thought it was either or, which let me to order the house salad, pear, spring mix, goat cheese and dressing.  It was all good (although if I had to nitpick, it could’ve used more dressing).  Still, everything was fresh and delicious.  I asked for a medium burger, which is always hard to get some pink in the meat—  Didn’t see the pink, but it was very juicy and good.

The Missus got the gouda mac n’ cheese with chicken, which was also good.  She also got the Grilled Caesar Salad, which looked fancy.  I prefer fresh lettuce myself, but to each his own.  Oh and before all that, we had a Cuban Quesidilla appetizer.  Pulled pork, pickles on a tortilla with spicy mustard.  That alone, could’ve been a lunch.  Very filling.

Since we were doing V-day, we got dessert.  I had scoped out that Kitchen 519 had chocolate covered bacon sundaes for the Missus, but she went with a Red Velvet crème brulee.  I can’t turn down Bananas Foster served in one of those edible shells.  Man, was that good!

Our waiter, Alec, was on the ball, as was the rest of the staff.  I drink iced tea like most people breathe air and it was constantly flowing.  Good brew too, plenty of lemon.  This was a small, but busy place and the service was on point.  All totaled, our meals were $73 plus change.  I hadn’t intended to spend that much, but quite frankly, it was Valentine’s Day and the food was so good who cares?

The tables are all in one big room with booths on the side, so if you don’t mind the din Kitchen 519 would be a solid place to take a date or your sweetie.  They do tons of vegan dishes as well and they do catering.

I give it 9 out of 10 keggers, bros.