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Holy shit, bros.  Holy shit.  Fallout 4 absolutely crushes it on every level.  Taking everything that’s good from the previous incarnations of Fallout and adding to them and making the game even bigger, Fallout 4 is the must-have game of the year.  My only complaint is, don’t buy this game if you have shit to do.  Remember that 80’s cult classic movie, Looker?  The characters would get zapped by a gun and lose many hours of time.

That’s exactly what it’s like to play Fallout 4.  You’ll start to play a few minutes and look up, then it will be two hours after your bed time.

For those of you out of the loop, Fallout 4 takes place in an alternate universe.  The U.S. realized all it’s sci-fi dreams of the 50’s. Atomic cars, retro robots—  Basically, unlimited atomic power.  But the U.S. ended it all with a nuclear war against China.  Now you wake up in the post-apocalyptic world.  Having survived thanks to being stored in a Vault, it’s 200 years later and you must rebuild civilization.  But there is an additional story element which I won’t give away, but it’s solid.

The game has even more locations, which refill with villains after a time.  Unlike previous versions, where you could murder everyone in the game, this one always finds you new attackers.  Plus you can build up settlements, which adds new characters in the mix.  You can add trade routes and new stores.  Of course, you have to do some maintenance by protecting the same said settlements.

Can’t say enough about it.  Buy it, bros.  You won’t regret it.