Netflix is cranking out the content and Bill Burr has a show. If you haven’t seen Burr’s stand up, you really should. He also has a podcast which I recommend. His show on Netflix is an animated deal called “F is For Family”. It’s mostly about growing up in the 70’s.

The opening shot starts us in 1973 and centers mostly around Bill’s dad, Frank. He’s sort of a combination of Al Bundy and Archie Bunker. Bill is the youngest brother and generally considered a pussy by the rest of the family. Burr does the voice of his dad and the show is pretty funny.

It reads well with me because I’m in Burr’s generation. One bit, which I think is from Burr’s stand up, is about going to the bathroom at a sports stadium back in the day. It was so disgusting, Bill just walks out, which is exactly what happened to me.

Burr’s world seems almost alien without the Internet, phones and computers. There’s lots of political incorrect bits which take on a different context today, but the teen angst is pretty universal. I liked this cartoon a lot. It would’ve been great as part of Animation Domination on Fox, but oh well, at least it’s on Netflix.

Big thumbs up. Watch it, bros!