Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is Jay Baruchel, who was in one of my favorite movies, This is the End, and many other films.  Let’s see what he’s tweeting.


October 31st:  “Happy Halloween/Samhain everyone! A fun game you can play tonight is answering all trick or treaters with Michael Gira lyrics!”

Or you could just get really drunk and sing whatever.  Kinda the same thing.

November 6th:  “Lovecraft and Wagner are my favourite .”

Lovecraft was a racists?  Did all those monsters have to ride in the back of the bus?

November 11th:  “Thinking of my Grandad, Robert Ropell of the1st (Halifax-Dartmouth) Field Artillery Regiment, on this Remembrance Day.

Remember not to start up another war.  Wish we did that in the U.S.  Just all parades and barbecues here.

November 11th:  “Grateful to be free. Proud to be Canadian.”

Nice place.  As long as you don’t go in the winter.  Then, holy shit, is it cold.

November 12th:  “Hi gang! Whole new season of Man Seeking Woman coming at you this January!

FXX really advertises its shows waaaaay in advance.

November 13th:  “Just finished season 2 of . Equal parts proud, honoured, and excited about what we did.”

Man, the whole thing’s in the can and the first episode hasn’t even showed.

November 13th:  “We are spoiled on this set and as trite as it may read, we truly do all get along and enjoy each others company. I miss them all already.”

Well, that’s nice.

November 13th:  “So, basically, thank you to EVERYONE involved with our show. It’s not lost on me how rare and special this thing is.”

Three more seasons and it’s syndication, right?  Or is it ten now?

November 17th:  “Jimmy Cagney, saying “youtube” to himself.”

Quite impossible, sir!  Cagney died 20 years before the advent of youtube.

November 17th:  “Tuesday morning shoutout to my cat Tulip who drew blood from my face an hour ago.”

Now that the show has rapped for a season, looks like Jay has nothing to do.

November 17th:  “I get the feeling McDonald’s Monopoly heavily favours McDonald’s and not the customers!”

Not during the 1984 Olympics.  Dude, I was rolling in free frees!

November 20th:  “Peter Murphy – I’ll Fall With Your Knife

Jay loves his eclectic music.

November 21st:  “WWKMFDMD”


14 hours ago:  “Grabbel and The Final Cut – Psycho Popsong

Lots of music.  What a life.  Hit movies, TV show and off for the holidays.  Great to be a star.

Okay, let’s rate Jay’s tweet.  Pretty standard, minimum plugs and some behind the scenes stuff.  I give him a 7 for Mustness, an 8 for Insanity and a 9 for Style.  That’s an overall score of 8.  Follow Jay.

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