The Peanuts have returned, this time to the big screen.  Under the helm of director Steve Martino (of the Ice Age franchise) and the late creator’s son and grandson (Craig and Bryan Schulz) who helped write it, the movie is a mix of computer animation, straight up 2-d black and white animation and even some strips are thrown in.

The movie relies heavily on elements from the strip, focusing mainly on Charlie Brown’s quest to impress the little red headed girl.  There is, however, a ton of Snoopy as well and the extended Snoopy line up makes an appearance.  There’s also lots of Red Baron stuff, which is long overdue.  The team basically hits all the buttons, but doesn’t dwell on them too heavily.

There is a slight shift in tone, so that the plot of the movie wraps, but at the same time the team tries to keep Charlie Brown the sad sack we all know and love.  It’s good to see the old gang back and this movie could be a fun jumping off point for further franchises.  It’s not quite a classic, but it’s definitely a worthy tribute.

Go see The Peanuts Movie.  I give it seven and a half keggers out of ten, bros.