Normally, I only review movies that are in the theater.  But these days, I prefer to watch them from home.  Dope came out this year (June), so I figure it’s fair game for this column.

Dope is a coming of age movie about Malcolm (Shameik Moore), a straight-A student trying to get by in his rough Los Angeles neighborhood.  Malcolm loves 90’s hiphop, is the leader of a punk band with his two friends, but is ultimately a nerd.  Through circumstances beyond his control, he gets caught up the local drug trade and is forced to use his nerd powers to get out.  Also making an appearance is Blake Anderson (AKA: Uncle Blazer from Workaholics) as a computer whiz that helps the group.

With probably one of the best soundtracks in the background of the movie (including original music by Pharrell Williams), Dope is a breezy, fun and funny, coming-of-age movie that’s completely worth the 103 minute run time.  Dope is currently on On-Demand for $1.99.  I give it 9 out of 10 keggers.