SF Tony Avatar

  1.  Bring your razor sharp pirate saber to juggle as people take pictures.
  2. Haggle with Lou Ferrigno over autograph prizes.
  3. Expect to smell too much cologne and deodorant.
  4. Buy everything but the comic books.
  5. Ask Stan Lee to tell you a long, boring old man story about how he got those kids off his lawn.
  6. Go up to the biggest collectible dealer, pick up a collectible and ask, “Are these free?”
  7. Wear a pointy cosplay costume and then wade into the crowd like you were in street clothes.
  8. Wear a backpack stuffed to the gills and then turn in the middle of the crowd, like you were only wearing street clothes.
  9. Scream, “Does anyone want to my old Archie comics?!  I only read them once!”
  10. Play Patrick Stewart’s bald head like a bongo and then ask for an autograph.