Boy, am I late to this party, bros.  But yeah, I finally saw the new Mad Max.  It wasn’t bad.  Let’s break it down.

I wasn’t going to see this movie at all because I expected another pathetic reboot.  Who knew that Hollywood finally got the message that people usually hate those?  I mean, if you’re a fan, you’re going to be annoyed at the changes and if the movie sucked to begin with you’re unlikely to go to it because of the bad taste in your mouth from the first one.  So yeah, this is a new, original, Mad Max story.

Tom Hardy is Max and he is a mix of all the previous Mel Gibson incarnations.  About all he has is the same jacket and old car.  After being captured by rejects from the Borderlands video game, Max is dragged along when one of the henchmen attempts to run away with the big baddie’s wives.  Played by Charlize Theron, this character is as badass as Max himself.  They are soon fighting it out on the desert.

The movie is very stripped down.  Max doesn’t even introduce himself until the third act.  The stunts are fun and amazing.  There’s not a tremendous amount of character development, unless you count Max’s PSTD from the previous films.  Still, it’s well-paced and good fun.  Solid all the way to the end.  If I had to say one negative thing about it, the plot is a little unambitious.  It’s definitely worth seeing and is now on On-Demand.

I give Mad Max: Fury Road 8 keggers out of 10.