Ingredients:  Cereal, milk, bowl, spoon, one and half bottles of triple sec, four beers, two shots of vodka, one joint

Step 1:  Smoke a joint, get hungry.  Drink a beer.

Step 2:  Leave frat house to get food, realize dining hall is still closed for summer.

Step 3:  Return to frat house, search for food while drinking a beer.

Step 4:  Find cereal, search for milk.  Drink another beer.

Step 5:  Find milk, drink another beer.

Step 6:  Look for bowl, find one and a half bottles of triple sec in bowl cabinet.

Step 7:  Drink triple sec, pour cereal in bowl.

Step 8:  Drink the rest of triple sec, pour milk on cereal.

Step 9:  Realize you have no spoon, search for spoon.

Step 10:  Find almost empty bottle of vodka, do a shot.

Step 11:  Do another shot of vodka.

Step 12:  Forget about cereal, walk outside.

Step 13:  Realize your current relationship is a sham and that you’ve driven everyone close to you away with your anger and hostility.

Step 14:  Collapse on grass on campus somewhere crying.

Step 15:  Get woken up next morning by campus sprinklers.

Step 16:  Go inside frat house, discover prepared bowl of cereal.

Step 17:  Chug bowl of warm soggy cereal and milk.

Step 18:  Vomit in sink.