Once again, bros, it’s time to look at movies and decide if they’re worth seeing.  These days with movie ticket prices the way they are, why not?  Here now is Why I’m Not Seeing These Movies.

San Andreas:  Unless this is a movie version of GTA IV, forget it.  The Rock in 2012?  No thanks.

Aloha:  Which also means, “Goodbye, I’m not seeing this movie.”

Entourage:  What part of this two hour episode won’t we see on the HBO TV show?  I’ll wait.

Jurassic World:  AKA: Andy Fights the Dinosaurs.  Actually, if that was the movie, I’d see it.

Max:  AKA: The next two hour commercial for the armed forces.  Pass.

Terminator Genisys:  Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently still has a lot of divorce to pay for.  It’s James Cameron or forget it.

Magic Mike XXL:  Enjoy ladies.  You won’t see me there.

Minions:  Jesus, am I the only one sick of this?  No.

Ant-Man:  This may be the Marvel movie that jumps the shark.  That sucking sound you will hear shortly after will be all the A-list talent fleeing the Avengers franchise with Joss Whedon.

Pixels:  Have you seen the trailer for this?  Is Adam Sandler trying to make us hate him?  And was this really the only movie offered to Peter Dinklage?  Even with the massive drop in quality on A Game of Thrones, I’d rather watch reruns.

Dear Lord, deliver us from the Summer Suck 2015.