The boys are back in one of the most decent Trailer Park Boys seasons yet. The theme of this season is Reverse Psychology. Julian reads a book in jail on the subject and decides to make it the cornerstone of his new strategy.

Next up, Ricky continues to try and stay on the straight and narrow. Needless to say, he faces many temptations, but finds a loophole in his promise to go straight in his potential son-in-law.

The biggest change comes to Sunnydale itself. The Laheys turn it into a 55 and older community and Bubbles starts several businesses to serve the old people. But this also means, no liquor and no Ricky in the park. As an added bonus, Lahey hires an ex-military guy to guard the gate and the park.

I like this season for many reasons, one of which is, the cast adds a new location to the mix. An old motel becomes the base of operations while the boys try and get back the park. Also, Lahey begins this season sober, which is a nice return to the old Jim. There’s lots of set up in the early episodes, but it all pays off by the end. This was definitely one of the tightest seasons in terms of writing and is a perfect season to binge watch. Additionally, the continuity of the show continues to be right on the money.

Trailer Park Boys is on Netflix and is frickin’ decent. I give Trailer Park Boys, Season 9, 9 keggers.