Dick Chair

Your pledgemaster may never hold a degree, mostly because he’s been in college for over seven years as an undeclared.  But from his loft perch atop 108 empties, he does hold a degree in judgment.  Let the frattiness be proclaimed throughout the land!

Pancake Robot:  Fratty

Uh, pancakes in any shape I want?  What next, infuse them with beer and make the perfect breakfast food?  You’re damn right this is fratty.

SAE Fraternity:  Not Fratty

Just so we’re clear, this is NOT 1929 SAE.  I mean, this is a no-brainer.  Don’t we get enough shit after that over reaction to that Rolling Stone story?  It’s okay to have at least a few non-white bros around to set you straight.

Robert Downey, Jr.:  So Fratty

Iron Man continues to leave Batman in the dust with this latest video.

Penis Injury:  Not Fratty

There’s nothing about this guy, who fractured his penis during sex.  Jesus Christ dude!  Don’t just jam it in there!

Penis Transplants:  Fratty

Yes, it finally happened.  You can now have a monster dong even if you’re not born with one.  Donors, however, are going to be hard to find.

Comcast:  Never Fratty

How hard is it to provide cable TV and Internet?  Last time I checked, it’s a few wires and a letter once a month.  Comcast really needs to just stop answering the phone.

Police Woman:  Fratty

Hey, if you’re going to pay off a bet and get naked in the middle of a Dunkin Donuts, well I’m cool with that.  Just look the other way next time I go streaking.

Woman on Fire:  Fratty

This woman sounds as indestructible as yours truly.  I wonder if she’s single.  Sure would be nice to be in an avalanche with someone special.

Ireland:  Not So Fratty Any More

Ireland inadvertently made Ecstasy legal, but then reversed it.  Where am I supposed to rave now?