The premise is pretty much in the trailer.  The world is losing a war to aliens.  Tom Cruise plays a non-combat soldier.  His job is to sell the war to the public.

But when he ends up insulting a general, the general sends him to the front line.  Cruise ends up on a doomed invasion and blows himself up with one of the aliens.  Suddenly, he returns to 24 hours before.  He remembers the day he lived, but no one else does.  This time he can live it over again and do something different and each time, he gets better at fighting the aliens.

What makes the movie good is Cruise’s acting.  He plays an excellent weasel in the beginning.  Slowly, over the course of the movie, he becomes a man of action.  Emily Blunt plays his mentor, a female soldier that had the same power, but lost it.  Using Cruise’s ability, they have to defeat the aliens.

It’s a decent, fun, action flick, although there are few conventions here that are kind of boring.  The ending is a little pat and time travel can get a little cheesy.  Of course, despite the fact there are aliens, no one believes Cruise or Blunt or anyone else.  Still, it’s a solid action flick.  It’s not going to blow your mind, but it is fun to watch Tom Cruise get killed over and over.  Think of it as Ground Hog Day, but much more violent.

Edge of Tomorrow is playing on Comcast On-Demand.  It’s definitely worth a look.