Hey Bros!  Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is Black Jesus star and voice of Mr. Freeman on the Boondocks, John Witherspoon!  He’s hilarious.  Let’s see his hilarious tweets.


Oct. 11th:  “I’m in Atlantic City tonight at the Board Walk Hall tonight in New Jersey! Come on out and have some fun and have some laughs!

Yeah, you don’t want to stand outside and get accosted by homeless people that couldn’t get a spot on the beach.

Oct. 13th:  “How did ya’ll like the finale of ?”

I didn’t see that twist with Lloyd coming and I like how it ended on kind of a positive note.  It’s a good show.  I hope it comes back.

Oct. 19th:  “Having a great time in Arlington Texas telling these jokes hope you all are having as much fun as I am

I’m impressed that a guy as old as John is hashtagging.

Oct. 24th:  “Had a great time yesterday’s on the set of making everyone laugh”

I had not seen this show.  Man, he’s in everything.

Oct. 25th:  “Making a NEW”Cooking for Poor People” sketch today, be sure to check out my youtube to see it when it comes out

Genius.  I especially like the apron. 

Oct. 29th:  “Rehearsing my lines for check us out on

What TV station is that?

Oct. 29th:  “Getting into character!!!

Ah, my favorite.  Behind-the-scenes!

Nov. 2nd:  “Having a great time this weekend performing I hope you all are having fun as well

Damn, John.  Is there a minute of the day you are not working?

Nov. 3rd:  “Back home with 3 days off to enjoy Yeah Boy! I think I might go to the golf course and hit on the driving range.

You have certainly earned it.

Nov. 3rd:  “Nice meeting you at the airport today

He is living the celebrity life.  This man’s going to have his own cable channel soon at this rate.

Okay, let’s rate John’s tweets.  I give him a 9 for Mustness, a 9 for Insanity and a 10 for Style.  That’s a 9.3.  Very high.  You gotta follow John.

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