Dick Chair

Your pledgemaster may not know what day it is and may have had a undeclared major for seven straight years, but he sits in judgement of all.  Bow before his judgement!

Ice Bucket Challenge: Not Very Fratty

Is this really more about the charity or giving yourself attention.  This was good for about five minutes, now it’s just kind of annoying.  Get off your fucking wallet and stop making videos.

Avocado:  Fratty

I just discovered how delicious this shit is!  Cut one up and make a sammich!  It’s health fat!  Finally!

Denny’s on Wall Street:  Not Fratty

They opened a Denny’s on Wall St. and made it expensive.  That’s the opposite of Denny’s.  I’m not paying those prices for hangover food.

Putting Cameras on Cops:  Very Fratty

It’s long overdue, bros.  If the cops want to watch us 24/7, it’s time we start watching them.  Then maybe I won’t get fined for vomiting on a campus cops shoes.  I was drunk and he clearly put them in the line of fire!

iWatch:  Fairly Fratty

Okay, I’m a little wary about the tiny screen but, shit.  My phone already does so much!  I think the watch is going to be sweet.

Tracy Morgan:  Always Fratty

Get better, bro.

HIV in Adult Film Star:  Least Fratty Thing Ever

WTF? Porn Industry?  Have you not heard of condoms yet?  This is more depressing than what happened to Robin Williams.

Returning to College:  Fratty

Load up your mini-fridge and get registered.  The sooner you do that, the sooner we can all get drunk.