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1.  Hipsters make pretty deranged live action shows.

2.  You can drop the N-Bomb all day long in a cartoon, but can’t say “fuck” without getting bleeped.

3.  You can watch the entire run of American Dad in about a month in a half.

4.  Superjail makes me want to smoke pot.

5.  For every awesome show on AS, there are three that make no fucking sense.

6.  The first season of Family Guy isn’t so watchable the 9th or 10th time.

7.  AS bumps are impossible to read on an old TV.

8.  The Venture Brothers is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

9.  Eric Andre is probably an escaped mental patient.

10.  Aqua Teen Hunger Force has a budget of like, three sandwiches and a Coke.