Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is Puddy, Brock Samson, The Tick and Joe—  Patrick Warburton!  Enjoy reading his tweets in one of his hilarious voices.


June 8th:  “My boy Shane , and his buddies did this for history class.


June 9th:  “Who wants to go to Portland with me for the annual bicycle seat sniffing?”

Damn Patrick!  Did Quagmire hack your twitter?

June 9th:  ““: I dunno, there were a lot of dudes naked bike riding! // like nude beaches. Not all their cracked up to be. Sad”

Wow, didn’t think that tweet could get grosser, but there you go.

June 9th: ““: Will they have wine, and cheese tasting :)?”// just cheese tasting. Gross”

That, I totally read in Puddy’s voice.

June 9th:  ““: One day will reply to me… ”// hi Morgan”

The man is doing the voices of like half of TV.  Give him a break, Morgan!

June 12th:  “Can I be here to pick up my son, and also be “staring at the cheerleaders”?”

It depends.  Are you picking up your son from college?

June 13th:  “Lundqvist’s 666th nhl game, Friday the 13, full moon, a most dangerous Los Angeles Kings …. Not looking good NY”

Well, if Satan picked a team, it would probably be in L.A. where he lives.

June 14th:  ““: The dance scene is my fav! ”// ha! Spade does look like Segal!”

Must be the hippie episode.

June 16th:  “It was awesome ! Just like the hunger games, but with elephants and super old people with guns-king of Spain”

No idea.  Although I read that one kind of like Joe.

June 16th:  “USA still one up on the Ghanarians”

Looks like that’s a win.

6 hours ago:  “BMW series?”

Badass Motorvehicle for Warburton?

6 hours ago:  “Worlds first electric. 1942 France . 60 mile range. 37mph. ”

Damn, when did the French have time to build that in 1942?  I thought they were kinda busy at the time.

Okay, let’s rate Patrick’s tweets.  Strange, so I give him a 9 for Insanity, a 9 for Mustness and a 9 for Style.  That’s a straight up 9.  Could I score this any less for Brock Fucking Samson?

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