Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is comedian Mike Birbiglia.  He’s funny on stage, let’s see how his tweets stack up!


March 15th:  “In movies when someone gets shot and his buddy is like “stay awake, bro!!” I’m always sympathetic with the shot guy who wants to take a nap.”

It’s true, bros.  Dying people are sleepy.

March 15th:  “Saturday night is perfect for writers because other people have “plans.””

And most of them are just jacking it too.

March 15th:  “Saturday wins “best day” 47,000th week in a row.”

Agreed.  And Monday loses for the 47,000th time.

March 16th:  “Thanks . That was THE BE$T. Next stop, Columbus, OH. A few seats left in a super nice intimate theater:

Sounds like a cool show.  Y’know, except the part about having to go to Ohio.

March 16th:  “I know it’s obvious but um…people just die.”

Bullshit!  You mean just other people die.

March 16th:  “No one is attractive when they yawn.”

Shit.  Even Yasmine Bleeth?

March 17th:  “(via ) Garfield retracts offensive comments about Mondays: “I regret generalizing about Mondays. I’ve just had some bad experiences.””

God damn dayist cat!

March 17th:  “Announcing special guest will be on my shows this weekend in Pittsburgh, Troy, & Wilmington DE!! Tix:

I like his new bit in Broad City.  The role suits him.

March 17th:  “Never thought I’d have to google “make my computer stop talking.””

Fucking Siri.

10 hours ago:  “Great clip on of my buddy . FOLLOW HIM. He’ll be on my tour in Pittsburgh, Troy, & Wilmington!”

I agree.  And I feel bad about his name.

24 minutes ago:  “My novel is somewhere in these eleven thousand tweets, but I’m not sure of the order.”

God dammit.  Picking the title will be a nightmare.

Okay, let’s rate Mike’s tweets.  Lots of jokes, minimal plugs and he gave a good suggestion for next week.  I give Mike a 9 for Mustness, a 9 for Insanity and a 9 for Style.  9 Overall, solid rating. Follow Mike.

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