I’m only a few hours into South Park: The Stick of Truth and already it ranks as one of my favorite video games of all time.  Multilayers of gaming goodness combined with an exact copy of the look of the show, immerses you in the world of South Park and in the kids’ world of The Stick of Truth.

Without giving too much away (minor spoilers ahead) you’ll see classic characters like Randy sitting in his underwear on the couch.  Mr. Slave, who has been out of the show for a while, made a return and the background noise included such songs as “Sexual Harassment Panda” and the various trailers for Terrence and Phillip movies.

One of the best things about the game is that you can build your own South Park character and the game makes it easy to change your look again and again.  Combat is turned based and there are tons of little quests and secrets. One of them is collecting the Chimpokomon toys.  There are so many sound bytes and callbacks to the many episodes of the show, one wonders how Parker and Stone had time to finish all the details.

If you love South Park, you’ll love this game.  If you don’t, suck my balls.

I give South Park: The Stick of Truth 10 out of 10 keggers.