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Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.

Today’s contestant is comedian, John Mulaney.  Let’s see what he’s tweeting.


November 26th:  “My favorite thing was put on TV last night.

That was pretty good.

November 27th:  “”Q:What did Miley Cyrus eat for Thanksgiving? A: Twerky!” – Richard Pryor.

Ouch.  #betteroffdeadthanhearingthat

January 6th:  “MULANEY TAPING. Me, Martin Short, Elliott Gould, Nasim Pedrad, Seaton Smith, Zack Pearlman. FRIDAY. We are excited.

Cool, glad to see you got your own show and that Martin Short is back.

January 6th:  “Or! Come see a fast, intimate rehearsal TUESDAY Jan 7. Same cast, minimal costumes.

Aw, taped live.  That would be fun.

January 14th:  “Watch Season 2 premiere tonight! 10:30 PM Comedy Central. The funniest stuff from the funniest person in the world. .”

Love the new season, although they pimped the Hell out of Rich Dicks and they don’t appear until three episodes in.  What’s up with that?

January 16th:  “Cragen stepping down. Benson taking over. DeBlasio has been in office like a day or whatever and already the SVU is in chaos.

Wow, I am so out of the loop on that show.

January 16th:  “”It’s Complicated” on HBO was the best film of the year. Not sure why the suits in Hollywood keep ignoring independent film.

My guess is, they don’t watch anything that either they or their friends don’t produce.

January 16th:  “When I tried to type “boycott sea world” came up. Hahahaha. What a stupid world.”

Hey, you’d boycott them too after seeing an Orca hold up a sign that says “God hates dolphins”.

January 19th:  “12 minutes until has a new special on Comedy Central (West Coast). Pretty good tweet yeah? Useful and well timed. Watch!”

Are you kidding?  That was like 9 days ago.  Get it together Mulaney.

January 23rd:  “Cold off the presses! My 2012 Special “New In Town” is now streaming on NETFLIX. Now something other than ‘Mulan’ will appear for my name.”

Aw, cool.  Have to check it out.  Have to say, Netflix has been getting a lot of good stuff recently.

January 23rd:  “I am thrilled for ! One of the funniest/smartest people in comedy! He once fell asleep on a burger. He will kill it on Update.”

Damn.  Wish you had the pic of that.

January 26th:  “yes i know i look like him.”

D.B. Cooper?  Yes, but you’re too young to be him.  Therefore, you must be his grandson.

19 hours ago:  “”mid you access diss rose?” – the bachelor”

Wha-?  No idea.

Okay, let’s rate John’s tweets.  Not too heavy on the self plugs, likes to promote his friends and some behind the scenes stuff.  I give him an 8 for an 8 for Insanity and a 9 for Style.  Overall score, 8.3.  Follow John and don’t miss him on the Kroll Show.

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