Good news, future fans, flying cars are becoming a reality.  Finally, the Jetsons prophecy has been fulfilled!  Here now are Ten Things I Expect From Flying Cars.

1.  Paying $500 to fill up at the gas station.

2.  Getting stuck behind an old lady in a plane who has her blinker on for like 100 miles.

3.  Waiting a really long time for AAA on a rooftop with a dead battery.

4.  Getting cut off in traffic from 360 degrees worth of angles.

5.  Never running over a curb on a turn again.

6.  Misjudging a landing in my driveway and ending up in my house.

7.  Being blinded by someone’s brights at 10,000 feet.

8.  Flipping off another driver at 10,000 feet.

9.  Looking for a place to land to take a piss.

10.  Still being late getting home for work because everyone flies at the same time.