Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is Katie Aselton from the League.  Originally, I was going to examine the tweets of a punk pornstar, but without the pictures, pornstars can be pretty boring.  Katie is not and just as sexy.  And although there probably won’t be any nude twit pics, Katie is on one of the funniest FXX shows.  Let’s look at her naked tweets.


October 8th:  “why do babies and dogs always feel the need to lock eyes with you when they poop? it’s super rude.”

It’s their version of the O face.

October 9th:  “Heading in to do on E! It seems early for exclamation points, but maybe by tonight at 10pm you’ll be ready.

Cute pic.  Kind of like a record album cover.

October 9th:  “I’m so glad I got my car washed yesterday.

You are unlucky, as I assume you’re in L.A.

October 9th:  “did you know i’m on intstagram? i am. @katieaselton. follow me! i don’t post pictures of babies, puppies or food. i’m kinda the coolest.”

No breakfast pics?  Forget it.

October 10th:  “Guys who Chapstick in public.”

Some of us chafe easily.

October 10th:  “Doing what I do, this is what a working mom looks like.


October 10th:  “I mean, not all the time… Just after hours of hair and makeup.

No one really wants their mom to look that good.  Then your friends want to constantly hang out at your house for “no reason”.

October 10th:  “I still can’t find my arm guys, if you see it anywhere… “: Our special effect budget doubled for this ””

What the Hell is happening on the Soup?  And how is it still on the air?

October 12th:  “It makes more sense that Michael Douglas’ cancer was of the tongue. Throat cancer from cunnilingus just scares my vagina.”

Still not clear on why he had to lie about that.  Doesn’t seem like tongue or throat made much of a difference if he already revealed his deal with going down town.

October 12th:  “I would like to apologize to my niece, nephew and cousins under 18 who read my last tweet.

I’m sure your various younger relatives laugh at your attempt to censor the Internet.

October 14th:  “I think this is when was talking about fingering babies… @thelauguefxx

That’s the one you should apologize for.

October 14th:  “I have a major shoe crush on these bad boys.

Woman posts shoe pic?  Shocking.

October 14th;  “I’m about to hang with my old pal Regis…

Take his toupee and run.

8 hours ago;  “”If I don’t talk about lipgloss and dresses soon, I am going to lose my flipping mind!” -me on day 3 of press.

Would posting more sexy pics help?  We’ll do our part and look at them.

6 hours ago;  “Working super hard doing press w @steveranazzisi

Keep doing the press.  The League is full of awesome.

Okay, let’s rate Katie’s tweets.  I give her a 7 for Insanity, an 8 for Mustness and a 10 for Style.  That’s an overall score of 8.3, but I’m rounding it up to a 9 for the pics.  Also, watch the League.

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