Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is almost single-handedly making the Walking Dead totally watchable.  It’s the Boba Fett of zombie TV shows, ladies and bros, Norma Reedus!

September 28th:  “

A handy link to have, sir.

September 28th:  “Just posted a photo

Someone should take a picture of you posting the photo of the picture.

September 28th:  “Anna did it

Aw, that’s nice.  Norman’s an actor that really appreciates the fans.

September 28th:  “Hailey with little norman

It occurs to me, don’t these kids have nightmares about your show?

September 28th:  “Just posted a photo

Don’t worry, kitty.  You’re safe from the zombies!

September 29th:  “. (It’s Happening )

Hmm, interesting.  A man of many talents.  I could see Daryl doing something similar, but with all the zombies he killed.

September 29th:  “Honored to be part of project. Check it out

Norman, you’re leading an interesting life.

September 29th:  “Big Morning Buzz Live with Carrie Keagan returns tomorrow 10am!!

Oh, yeah, she was on Reno 911.

September 29th:  “Breaking bad tonight !! Finale!!!!

It was glorious.  Much like that action figure.

September 30th:  “Purplepants”

Short and to the point.  We need more tweets like this, people!

September 30th:  “Oct13!

Now that would be a fun scene in the Walking Dead.  “Hey.  Is that Gene Simmons?  Well, better put him down.”

4 hours ago:  “

Nice!  Back in the movies!  Good to see it.

2 hours ago:  “ is taking over ! Take the and post a a…

Not sure what that is, but it looks cool.

59 minutes ago:  “【ゾンビ幕張にあらわる!】yes!!!!!

Hmm, never thought about Japan and the zombie apocalypse.  What would you do with all the people who killed themselves out of shame?

Okay, let’s rate Norman’s tweets.  I like them a lot.  They’re fun and a bit of a mystery at times.  Got a little behind-the-scenes, I think his account is definitely one to follow.  I give him a 9 for Insanity, an 8 for Mustness and a 10 for Style.  That’s an overall score of 9.  Follow Daryl!  (And how long before they just rename the Walking Dead to The Walking Daryl?  I’d watch it.)

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