Based on the UK’s most popular comic, Dredd takes another stab at the Judge Dredd character without Slyvester Stallone and Rob Schneider.  Unlike the previous movie, this one does not attempt to jam 200 issues of the comic into two hours of movie.  And unlike the previous movie, this one doesn’t try to add comic relief.

Dredd captures the dystopian future of the comic books.  Karl Urban makes an excellent Dredd and never takes off the helmet.  Olivia Thrilby plays Judge Anderson and does a decent job of playing the rookie/psychic.  Wisely, screenwriter Alex Garland keeps the action confined to just one of the buildings of Mega City 1, as Dredd and Anderson get trapped there by a drug gang.  Peter Travis’ direction captures the claustrophobic atmosphere of Mega City.

The only thing missing from the comic is the colorful nicknames and images of the villains, which were sometimes over the top.  Garland and Travis keep the movie more grounded and don’t tempt fate by taking into territory that would undermine the premise.  Still, Dredd strikes a little too close to home, making the Judges seem almost possible.

Dredd is what the first Judge Dredd movie should’ve been and pays great homage to the comic.  It’s on Netflix now and is definitely worth a click.  See it, bros.