1.   Flynn reveals that he’s been faking his handicap the entire time, that his name is Keyser Soze and he leaves New Mexico with Walt’s money.

2.  Hank turns into a rogue cop, joins Walt in the meth business and calls himself “Hankenberg”.

3.  Walter and Jesse move to Canada and open a pet store.

4.  Turns out, Walt’s meth has been turning people into zombies in Georgia and the show becomes Breaking Dead so as to extend Chris Hardwick’s career.

5.  Walt’s previous wife, Lois, returns, yells at Walt and makes him apologize to everyone.

6.  Saul is confronted by David Cross and it turns out the entire series was just a very long sketch from Mr. Show.

7.  Bill Burr comes out and complains about the Patriots for 48 minutes.

8.  Despite being just a head, Danny Trejo recovers and arrests everyone.

9.  Ironically, it turns out blue meth is the cure of cancer, but Walt goes to prison where he can’t get any.

10.  Walt kills everyone in New Mexico and gets away, but suspects everyone in Arizona saw him.