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Today’s contestant is the Office’s Kevin, Brian Baumgartner.  He’s funny on the show, let’s see what his tweets are like.


August 5th:  “This Manziel mess is going to turn very, very ugly. Everyone is to blame- the parents, Texas A&M- and primarily- the NCAA.”

Kevin is a sports guy.  And here, I thought all his tweets would be about cookies.

August 5th:  “Well yes- Johnny Football is certainly responsible as well. Oversight leaving him off my list.”

Johnny Football, of course, the inventor of football in 1912.

August 5th:  “Whether college players should be paid for playing b/c of revenue they generate for the univ & NCAA is one thing… We can debate endlessly”

Free college is almost like getting paid.  Quite frankly, the big time college sports detracts from the whole purpose of college.

August 5th:  “BUT the NCAA and univ benefiting financially by SELLING appearances by their students, and signed merchandise is unacceptable & exploitive.”

Yeah, I agree.

August 5th:  “Read carefully peeps- we r not talking about free ed for playing football. We r discussing NCAA & univ selling him: appearances & images.”

Nothing wrong with that, but really, college sports is just way too big.  Too much money.  They ought to just have a pay league for college-age players or go from high school to pro.

August 5th:  “It is impossible to make any comment & not get a negative response from some jaded/ cynical person. Healthy disagreement is awesome. But…”

The Internet.  I feel ya, bro!

August 5th:  “I could describe the beauty of the Monarch Butterfly and someone who describe them as rats with wings. Or tell me 1 killed their Mom.”

For some reason, I read that in Kevin’s voice.

August 8th:  “Idea: Every team in every pro sport has a player deemed “Benchie”. He would be a solid teammate, work hard, appreciate fans & show emotion.”

I was “Benchie” on my Little League team.

August 8th:  “My prediction: “Benchie” would outsell almost all other players in jersey sales. So… Win, win, win.”

Plus he’d have plenty of time to sign autographs.

August 10th:  “Guys what are you talking about Braves & Tigers hotter? Dodgers are 35 – 8 since June 22. Nobody is hotter (or has better record) since!”

I’d give it to the Tigers.  Their city needs the money.

7 hours ago:  “The tweet I just re- tweeted might be my new favorite tweet of all time. Kudos.”

Which was: “new life goal- directing as edmund in a re-imagining of king lear set in a detroit travel agents. angela as goneril optional.”

I can see it.  But only if you do it as Kevin.

Okay, let’s rate Kevin’s tweets.  Surprisingly good considering all the sports references.  Wonder what he’s working on these days.  I give BB a 7 for Mustness, 7 for Insanity and 9 for Style.  That’s an overall score of 7.6.  How can you not follow Kevin?  You can read it in his voice!

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