Ip Man 2 is made by the same team that made Ip Man, the movie about Bruce Lee’s trainer.  Like the first one, it’s pretty awesome.

The set up this time is that it’s post-war China.  Ip Man is living in Hong Kong, struggling with his martial arts studio.  China in the 1950’s is rife with corruption, even amongst the martial arts studios.  The English still run Hong Kong and one official in particular is squeezing the martial arts schools.  When an English boxer comes to town, the cartoonishly evil boxer picks a fight with one of Ip Man’s friends.  Again, Ip Man has to avenge his buddy.

The movie kind of turns into a Chinese version of Rocky, but it’s good.  Maybe it’s not as great as the first one, but totally worth seeing.  And I’m psyched to see the third and final installment.