This movie explores the idea of what you would do if the world was going to end in about two weeks.  Steve Carell’s character spends most of those two weeks moping around and feeling bad about his life.  In the inevitable love story, he and Kiera Knightley are two unlikely people that find each other at the end of the world.

Okay, this movie isn’t Meloncholia (which has to rank as one of the worst movies I’ve ever sat through), but it’s up there.  In fact, I got a phone call about two thirds of the way through and missed the ending.  The Missus filled me in and quite frankly, I was glad I missed it.  The problem with these sorts of movies is that if the world was actually ending, all bets would be off.  (There’s some of that in this movie.)  People would riot in the streets and murder anyone that got in their way.  Why not?  You could settle old scores and who could stop you.

Quite frankly, I think I would be paralyzed with panic for a few days and when I emerged, I’d be extremely wary about getting around.  Carell’s character, even when he does sort of care about himself, doesn’t do that.  Even after he is driven out of his apartment by rioters.  It seems as soon as the couple gets away from people, they instantly return to “love story mode” getting to know each other, talking about their past and not the least bit worried that they’ll all be dead soon.

And even the unrealistic premise is not enough, the movie makers further compound matters by adding a character with cancer who hires a hitman, in order to die.  Who bothers to do that when the world is ending in two weeks?  Ridiculous.  The character wasn’t even in pain.  It all plays out for a “funny” scene that falls flat.  In another sequence, the characters are arrested.  What cop would bother?  Quite frankly, I think the cops would be on a rampage.  To make matters worse, the cops portrayed are supposed to be from Trenton, NJ and the scenery looks nothing like the Trenton I know.

Despite an impressive cast list, the movie just kinds of limps along.  I was glad I missed part of it.  I felt no investment in the story at all.

This is one to miss.