Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is cartoonist, Matt Bors!  His cartoons are funny and insightful, let’s see if his tweets stack up!


10 hours ago:  “Well-paid pundit: Fight against rape in the military is a “war on men” trying to “criminalize male sexuality”

That’s definitely going to end up in a Bors cartoon.

10 hours ago:  “Shout out to the heroic defenders of army rapists and masturbating fetuses. End this War On Men!”

What’s the sarcasm emoticon again?

9 hours ago:  “A modest CAKE haul.

Nice.  They look like extremely indy comics.  Haven’t seen that many in ages.

8 hours ago:  “Writing about 5,000 comics today for etc”

You are way more productive than I am.

8 hours ago:  “Need a robot helper since I’m busy, poor, and opposed to unpaid interns. A FREE robot. email matt bors at gee mail dot com to give a robot.”

Seems like a long shot, but it is the Internet.  I just hope you don’t have any steps in your office.

8 hours ago:  “IDEAS

Ooo, a behind-the-scenes look at the process.  Most of my list just says “dick jokes”.

6 hours ago:  “Fappin Fetus

I dunno.  His spine should be flexible enough to bend there.

4 hours ago:  “Comics in the works on rape jokes and masturbating fetuses. Syndicate should be pleased.”

Damn, Matt, you’re making Garry Trudeau look safe.

3 hours:  “Michael Hastings did more worthwhile reporting in 33 years than the hacks who scolded him will do no matter how long they live.”

I just read about his death.  I find it very suspicious.  I mean, considering he had taken down a killer, essentially.  His reporting was stellar though.

Okay, let’s rate Matt’s tweets.  I give him a 5 for Insanity, because Matt is pretty focused and not at all insane.  Mustness is a 10 and Style is definitely a 10.  That’s an overall score of 8.3.  If your political views fall in line with Brother Ira, then Matt’s site is definitely one not to miss.

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