Our pledgemaster may not have a clean pair of underwear, a major or very good personal hygiene, but he has a throne made of beer cans and he sits in judgement!

The Hangover 3:  Not Fratty

If the Hangover franchise was a restaurant franchise, those of us that saw the second one would all be hold up a coupon for a free meal.  See you on Netflix, Mr. Cooper.

The Waffle House:  Always Fratty

For our Southern bros, it’s the only way to eat when it’s 2am and you’re drunk.  What the fuck else is still open down south?

Cinco de Mayo:  Sorta Fratty

If this is an actual holiday for you, then yeah, it’s kinda fratty.  But if you’re just some white dude looking for an excuse to vomit up margaritas, no.

Biting a Dog:  Pretty Fratty

God damn, dude.  You gotta have balls to bite a dog.  I salute your cajones.

A Game of Thrones: God Damn Fratty

Boobies, sword fights and monsters.  This show should be on every day.

CNN’s Coverage of Teen Mom Porn Star:  Not Fratty

Okay, so you cover a story about a Teen Mom that’s become a porn star and look down on her, but you covered the story and sold commercials?  Fuck you, CNN or HLN or whatever three letters you call yourself.  That’s not even news.  It’s like you’re just telling us about a story and then sitting in judgement of it.  Oh, wait.

Teen Mom Porn Star:  Fratty

Hey, it’s a million fucking dollars.