Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is Will Sasso, formerly of Mad TV, currently of Vine Videos and Family Guy.  He’s rocking the videos and the podcast, let’s see if he rocks the tweets as well.


April 11th:  “MOVIE PITCH: A guy is really good at drumming but then some sad stuff happens and he stops drumming but then drumming saves him in the end.”

Brilliant.  You could cast the guy from DefLeppard.

April 12th:  “Been a while since I did some super sweet airport bathroom modelin’ so it’s definitely time for some…

That kind of has a “wide stance” vibe to it.

April 12th:  “RIP Jonathan Winters. Very few had or have his genius for making characters as simultaneously hilarious and real.

He was the king.

April 12th:  “This Kindly Sedan Driver is Bill Cosby

Wait a minute.  If that’s Coz, where’s the Jello Pudding?

April 13th:  “Watching Italian TV with my Italian mom and I called two nuns a bad Italian word. I’m not fluent. Sorry.

Wow, you are way Italian Will.  How did you not appear on the Sopranos?

April 13th:  “Not the reaction I was hoping for from my Italian mom hearing me swear in Italian again. She’s onto me.

Be careful, she might serve you sauce from a jar.  Then you’ll be sorry.

April 13th:  “‘Luckenbach Texas’ by Waylon Jennings is the best country song ever, and Willie Nelson comes in at the end which makes it even more best! :D”

Sorry, I can only listen to country songs about food.

April 14th:  “I’m having fun visiting my hometown of Vancouver! Me and the old gang even went to a cool nightclub! :D

Not a popular number in Vancouver apparently.

April 14th:  “I just walked the beach near my parents’ house while listening to George Harrison, if you’re curious what bad motherfuckers do on a Sunday.”

Shush your mouth!   I’m just talkin’ bout Sass!

22 hours ago:  “If you haven’t yet read ‘s good message regarding today’s evil.

That’s a pretty good summation.  I just hope people don’t lose their shit like they did on 9/11 and pass more ridiculous laws that do nothing.

19 hours ago:  “Word Repeat! with My Adorable Italian Mother “Mumford & Sons”

Damn, I gotta get me one of those Vine Video apps.  They look like all kinds of fun.

4 hours ago:  “Great fun doing my pal ‘s podcast. History will observe him a true vanguard of comedy and broadcasting.

Nice.  So many podcasts, so little time.

4 hours ago:  “I bet most rockstars are nice. :D”

You’d be nice too if you could get blowjobs whenever you wanted.

3 hours ago:  “Today on we’re three stupid idiots just like every episode. Okay, catch ya later. “Back-UHlone”

Damn, Will, you’re the king of the Internet.

Okay, let’s rate Will’s tweets.  Pretty stellar.  Nice to see a celebrity on board with the Internet gadgets.  I give Will a 9 for Insanity, mainly because of this video.  A 9 for Mustness and a 10 for Style.  That’s an overall score of 9.3.  Will is definitely one of the top people to follow.

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