Hey bros, it’s time once again for your pledgemaster to lay down his judgment (but never his beer).  It’s Fratty or Not Fratty with Pledgemaster Dick.

Russian Meteor:  Fratty as shit, bro!

If you haven’t seen this, you must be living under a rock that didn’t fall out of the sky.  Rocks falling out of the sky, always Fratty.

Slapping a Toddler: Never Fratty

Did this guy lose his fucking mind or what?  How the fuck did he think he was going to walk away from doing that?

Workaholics:  Fratty

The new season is on and it’s time to get weird!  Love that shit.  Very tight butthole.

Maker’s Mark:  Fratty Once Again

Watering down the whiskey?  Why wasn’t I consulted about this?!

Danica Patrick:  Pretty Fratty

Finally a sports hero I can masturbate to.  Thank you Danica.

Medals for Drone Pilots: Not at all Fratty

Even the guys being awarded these turds think they’re stupid.  Why the fuck would they give a medal for sitting in chair and playing Call of Duty for real?

Ilsa Fisher:  Fratty

And you know why.

Facebook:  Even Less Fratty

What the fuck happened to Facebook?  It’s like, Facebook is a friend that told one good joke and repeats that fucking story at every party.  Even just going to Facebook has become a chore.

Driverless Cars:  Very Fratty

Finally, I can get totally shit faced and get home with my car.  Sign me up, Google.

The Oscars:  So not Fratty

Thanks a lot Seth McFarlane.  Now I have to watch this fucking thing.  I’d better see some fart jokes or I will not be happy.