Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is Hannibal Buress, comedian and sidekick on The Eric Andre.  Let’s see what he’s rocking on the tweets.


January 25th:  “I asked Letterman if I could do this on his show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qTVLzc38_k … I haven’t heard back yet.”

Can’t understand why they didn’t answer.

January 25th:  “I’m hosting a Superbowl party at the Knitting Factory. check out the drink and food packages http://bk.knittingfactory.com/event/?id=3341874 …

Sure, you can do standup, but can you make nachos is the question?

January 25th:  “If you’re a producer and you want your beat ruined by me, send it to animalfurnace@gmail.com”

Finally, a place to ruin beats.

January 25th:  “I was just informed that my special “animal furnace” is on Comedy Central on the west coast now. Check it out if you can.”

Not on Netflix yet, I’ll have to look for it, assuming the East Coast gets it too.

January 25th:  “Like June or something. The shit is spread out like breaking bad for some reason “@mondo_p: when is the Eric Andre show comin back?!””

You guys should have Bryan Cranston come on the show and kill the band.

January 25th:  “I did some morning TV in San Diego last week. They were fun. Here’s the vid. http://bit.ly/WZoFzN  If you can rip to youtube, please do.”

Nice clip.

January 26th:  “Two more shows in San Antonio tonight. http://www.lolsanantonio.com/events

Support Hannibal, bros.  Good stand up.

January 27th:  “Thanks San Antonio. Great crowds and fun shows.”

Too late, bros.  Where were you?

January 27th:  “Jamal Crawford crossed this dude up quite nastily. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UILWenokHpg&sns=tw … v”

And boom goes the dynamite.


In that case, you can be drunk in public forever.

7 hours:  “We talked. “@ChelseaVPeretti: New podcast ep w @hannibalburess @paulscheer @peteholmez http://feralaudio.com/16-live-from-sundance/ … pic.twitter.com/7hNRKkGj””

Look at this, the whole stand up comedian networking going on.  Just saw Chelsea on the Kroll Show.

6 hours:  “Top ten up and coming comics in Chicago. This list is great. I’ve worked with a bunch of these guys. http://steamrollerchicago.com/home/2013/1/28/the-top-10-up-and-coming-comedians-in-chicago …

You gotta see this post.

5 hours ago:  “I just solved soccer because the current model sucks. Put an extra ball on the field. That shit would be bananas.”

Ha!  That by itself was worth reading the entire twitter account.  Nice.

Okay, let’s rate Hannibal’s tweets.  A little confusing, good amount of plugs and some decent links.  I give him an 8 for Mustness, a 7 for Insanity and an 8 for Style.  That’s an overall score of 7.6.  Not bad.  I would follow Hannibal.  Why not?  He’s funny and Twitter is free.

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