A new article speculates that we are close to cloning Neanderthals.  Here now are ten jobs we humans are probably not in danger of losing.

1.  Runway Model  (Those catwalks don’t support much.)

2.  Wedding planner  (Unless you want the theme to be something like “Buffalo guts”.)

3.  Barber  (Clubbing your head is not going to make your hair shorter.)

4. Firewood stacker  (Because I assume they have the same reaction to fire as Frankenstein.)

5.  Winner of the Tour de France  (Because steroids would just make these guys way too huge.)

6. Courtroom stenographer (Their giant hands will never hit the right keys.)

7.  Cellphone salesmen  (Are you really going to buy your phone from someone that believes taking a picture will capture your soul?)

8.  Waiter  (Oh, sure, he can carry a lot of food, but he’s probably going to put his giant thumb right on your steak.)

9. Marriage Counselor  (He’s just going to advise you to club your wife and that’s bad advice.)

10.  Bathroom attendant  (I don’t think you want to be sitting on the toilet when the smell of ass finally makes a Neanderthal snap.)