Based on a book, Silver Linings Playbook is about two crazy Philadelphians that meet and fall in love.  Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Robert DeNiro and Chris Tucker, the movie is wonderfully paced.  Director David O. Russell nails it with just the right mix of quirky characters, drama, comedy and plot.

Oddly enough, probably the weakest character in the movie is played by DeNiro, but even the weakest performance by him is better than most actors.  Bradley Cooper is also about 20% too handsome for the role, but Russell attempts to mitigate at least some of that handsomeness in the movie.

The basic story: Cooper has just been released after an 8 month stint in a mental hospital after he snapped when he found his wife cheating on him.  Lawrence is the widower of a cop who didn’t deal with her husband’s death.  Together they collide, but not in a sappy way.  These two actors are really good vying with each other.  Their characters are nuanced and complex.  It’s hard to describe more without giving it away.

This movie was extra special for me since it was shot locally and I could recognize some of the sets.  Go see SLP.  It’s definitely worth seeing.  I give Silver Linings Playbook 9 out of 10 keggers.