Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is an amazingly talented director and performer, David Wain.  He was in the State, directed Role Models and Wanderlust and does the voice of the Warden in Superjail.  I’m totally jealous of his career.  Let’s see if I’m jealous of his tweets.


November 10th:  “At a mix session Sound Lounge in NY – there’s a secret woman hidden in the bathroom floor! pic.twitter.com/JoRbtbCU

Hmm, not seeing her.

November 10th:  “There was some confusion about my bathroom face discovery – so here’s an explanation. pic.twitter.com/Shb0bj5m

Oh, yeah.  There she is.  Kathleen Turner has never looked so lovely.

November 10th:  “Seeing @robdelaney at NYU tonight because @zandywithaz and I are fans of many of his tweets. ”

He’s been on my list for this column for quite some time.  Next week, definitely.

November 11th:  “I am literally FIRST in line for Skyfall #FWIW #findpleasureinsmallvictories pic.twitter.com/XX3hQlHu

After seeing Skyfall, I think you’d rather be in line for the first one out of the theater.

November 11th:  “Skyfall was easily the most satisfying movie experience I’ve this year. Wins on every level. ”

Really?  Shocked to hear you say that.  I would so much rather see any one of your movies than Skyfall again.

November 15th:  “Louis LaFonda interviews me & the cast about how we dealt with Cutter’s death on Childrens Hospital SEASON FINALE tonight, 12mid, AdultSwim ”

I’m way behind on my CH.

November 15th:  “Oh and don’t miss @kevinpollak ’s bravura guest turn on tonight’s Childrens Hospital. ”

You get an insane amount of celebrities on that show.

November 16th:  “Review of tonight’s “Eulogy” | Childrens Hospital | TV Club | TV | The A.V. Club http://www.avclub.com/articles/eulogy,88770/ …


November 16th:  “A beautiful morning in LA pic.twitter.com/KuA1I4GF

Uh, oh.  Looks like God is finally coming for the last Gabor sister.

November 17th:  “WetHotAmericanSummer camp-in Movie night in San Francisco – sounds super fun to me! http://www.missionmission.org/2012/11/16/camp-in-movie-night-featuring-wet-hot-american-summer-and-dinner-and-snacks-by-rice-paper-scissors/ …

A cult classic.

November 19th:  “The Cook, the Waiter, his Busboy and his Roomate #LessInterestingMovies

How did I miss this hashtag?  “Twilight Saga: Breaking Red Dawn”, “Life of Pie”, “Star Wars VII:  The Original Cast Needs New Mansions”, “Skyfall”, etc.

14 hours ago:  “Paul Rudd re vomit Top 10 on Letterman http://www.vulture.com/2012/11/paul-rudd-top-10-thoughts-during-grace-vomit.html?mid=twitter_vulture …

Ha!  Nice!

Okay, let’s rate David’s tweets.  Not quite as insane as say, his hilarious video project, but hey, the guy is busy.  I give him a 7 for Insanity, 9 for Style and an 8 for Mustness.  That’s an overall score of 8.  Wain is genius and you should follow him.

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