Bill W. is a documentary about the man who founded Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill Wilson.  Directors Dan Carracino and Kevin Hanlon follow the life of Bill Wilson, from his early days being raised by his grandparents, to his days as a full blown drunk and finally to the rise of the AA organization.

From an informational standpoint, the movie is pretty interesting.  AA didn’t just spring up overnight.  Bill and his cohorts really had to go through their own personal Hells to develop it.  And it took years and years to develop a system that worked.

From an entertainment standpoint, the movie feels about 30 minutes too long.  It’s format gets a little boring and the movie makers really don’t bring to life on the screen the impact AA has had on so many people.  Definitely a solid rental though and a must for anyone that’s reading this before noon and is already shit-faced.

I give Bill W. 6.5 non-alcoholic keggers out of 10.  A solid rental, a decent flick to see.