Bros, as you know I have experience doing a wide range of comic book conventions.  Spreading the word of Super Frat required a lot of prep and a lot of marketing.  Lots of creators just go to shows and don’t even talk to people!  That’s not me and that’s not good marketing.  Here’s how to run a con:

1:  Get a table.  Booths are expensive, tables are usually free to creators.  I NEVER pay for tables unless the fee is just a little nominal one.
2.  Signage is key.  Remember people don’t know you or your comic.  You need clear, concise signage that explains the basics in clear unambiguous language.
3.  Have something to give away.  Whatever giveaway you have should have your website on it.  Investing in a giveaway like personalized tote bags, koozies, pens, etc. can help you spread your brand. Having a pen with your website address on it near the desk of a potential fan is perfect.  He’ll look at the pen and go, “Oh, yeah!  I met that guy!  Let me check out his site!”
4.  Have something to sell.  If you have something to sell, you can use the giveaway to help seal the deal.  “Buy my comic and I’ll give you a pen.”
5.  Be personable.  Talk to people!  That’s what you’re there to do, promote!  It’s fine to do sketches, but don’t be so focused that you can’t say hello to people when they come to the table.
6.  Dress nice.  Look presentable and above all, look like you WANT to be there.  Be happy, not miserable.

That’s my tips for today, bros.  Now get out there and sell those comics!