Frank Langella stars as an elderly, ex-burglar in the near future.  He’s starting to lose his memory and his busy kids are worried about him, so naturally they buy him a robot.  Frank and the Robot become unlikely friends and Langella is just amazing.  Susan Sarandon plays the librarian and Liv Tyler and James Marsden, Frank’s two kids.

It’s a really simple and enjoyable flick.  It’s a fun little arthouse movie.  Langella’s performance really makes you feel for him and the robot, voice by Peter Sarsgaard.  The future technology is nice and subtle.  It doesn’t overwhelm the movie.  There are also nice little statements about the future of technology regarding print.  (Something that struck a chord with yours truly.)

Director Jack Schreier, in his first full-length director gig, has got good pacing and comic timing.  And screenwriter, Christopher D. Ford, keeps the screenplay tight and lean, while making me care about the characters.  These are definitely talents to watch.

Don’t miss this one, bros.  I give Robot & Frank, 9 out of 10 keggers.