Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die. Today’s contestant is Mr. Bob Odenkirk! One of the funniest guys alive and a recently new Twitterer. Let’s see what he has to tweet.


July 16th:  “Is Charlie Sheen gone? Good. Let’s begin.”

Now hold up, Bob.  You’ll have to show us your pornstars before you can take his place.

July 16th:  “Milt Romney’s new campaign slogan “I Got Mine” will backfire…a rare misstep on his part.”

You know, at this point, if they put “Milt” on his bumper stickers, it’s a small mistake by comparison.

July 18th:  “Hey, look, I writ something http://m.newyorker.com/online/blogs/shouts/2012/07/a-vision-of-the-future.html …

Ooo.  New Yorker.  Fancy.

July 20th:  “On Fallon tonight. Will The Roots let me sing? Better question; can they stop me…”

If only they could stop Jimmy.

July 23rd:  “Mr Show fans check out TODAY’S Comedy BB podcast! The whole gang returns!! http://www.earwolf.com/episode/breaking-bread/ …

Ooo, nice.  Like Mr. Show radio.

July 25th:  “I have a short film in this issue of the online magazine “The Occasional” check it out – its called “Read My Screenplay””

Aw, not online?  Oh, well.  Guess I’ll have to get an iPad.

July 30th:  “Visiting Lincoln’s tomb w my kids today. It was so solemn, so quiet that you could hear the dilly bars being digested