I am a huge fan of IASIP and fellow fans, this one is for you.  If you’re not a fan, oh well.  Go find another link to read, ya jabroni.

1.  “Wow, Dee!  You are really talented!”

2.  “That poor man needs our help.  C’mon gang!”

3.  “Sorry, no drinking for me.  I’ve got to read this book.”

4.  “Let’s sleep on this idea before we do something really stupid.”

5.  “Here comes a customer, c’mon everyone, back to work!”

6.  “I’m Dennis Reynolds and I’ve taken a vow of celibacy.”

7.  “Actually, you’re right, I’ve never taken karate.”

8.  “Wow, meeting you people actually made my life better.”

9.  “I’m giving up drinking.”

10.  “I’m giving up who-ores.”