I used to watch Mr. Rogers.  He was awesome.  Especially if you had to come down off a wicked sugar high and were just waiting for Sesame Street to start.  If you haven’t seen the Mr. Rogers Remix, it’s cool.  And if you remember the show, here are Ten Things You Never Saw on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

1.  Visiting the Neighborhood bookie

2.  Mr. Rogers cursing out a dog that shits on his porch

3.  How to properly load your 10mm Auto Glock

4.  Lindsay Lohan drunk drives the Neighborhood Trolley into a ditch

5.  Mr. McFeely randomly punching people in the nuts

6.  Mr. Rogers on the do’s and don’t’s of the Champagne Room

7.  Special guest Anthrax on how to know if your groupie is clean

8. A visit to the Land of Make-believe’s meth lab

9.  Mr. Rogers bitch slaps Captain Kangaroo

10.  Eddie Murphy