Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is probably best known for doing the voice of Special Ed on Crank Yankers, click your mouse’s for comedian Jim Florentine.


May 22nd:  “Check out the latest episode of The Full Hoon I co host on the Car And Driver Youtube channel. http://youtu.be/gyWIcG0uOkA

Nice.  Could use a puppet, but still nice.

May 23rd:  “New Six Feet Under CD Undead @sixfeetofficial is their best one yet! Sick, demented lyrics! It’s #5 on Metal Itunes!”

I had no idea the cast of that show had a band.  Gotta check it out.

May 24th:  “Check out the new @Slash CD Apocalyptic Love. Great hard rock songs. @MylesKennedy nailing it on the vocals!”


May 24th:  “6/16 Harpos Detroit, Mi. Comedy Metal Road Show w Jim F, Don J, n Ed Trunk. A night of Comedy, Metal, n Music Trivia. http://Harposconcerttheatre.com

Doing comedy in front of metal fans.  You are a brave man, Jim.

May 24th:  “6/15 Cubby Bear Chicago, IL Comedy Metal Road Show w Jim F, Don J, n Ed Trunk. A night of Comedy, Metal, n Music Trivia http://Cubbybear.com

It’s like the Blue Collar Comedy tour only not shitty and with better music.

May 25th:  “Saw Stryper @stryperband w Richard Christie @cwotd and @1337Ryan. Great show! Wanna thank @michaelhsweet and the boys for a great time.”

Wait a minute?  Is that Christian Metal!?

May 28th:  “I’ll be interviewed during 1p @Mets game today by @KBurkhardtSNY to promote season premiere of my new show @BeerMoneyonSNY right after game!”

You must be a happy Mets fan after this.

May 28th:  “Just watched 2 great Bobcat Goldthwait directed movies. God Bless America and Worlds Greatest Dad. He also did the classic Windy City Heat.”

I saw Windy City Heat and that was pretty fucking brilliant.

May 29th:  “Check out the latest episode of The Full Hoon that I co host on Car And Driver Magazine’s Youtube channel. http://youtu.be/-_LloE7keB8

You are busy, Jim.  Good to see you workin’.

May 29th:  “Less then one month away @realdonjamieson and I are opening for Metallica at Orion Fest in AC. #FuckingInsane!”

I’ve always liked this Metallica song. (Shh!  Don’t tell them it’s free on Youtube!)

May 30th:  “Congrats to @Slash @MylesKennedy and the Conspirators for the debut at #4 on the Billboard Charts this week!”

Damn, someone loves metal.

May 30th:  “My Son just hit his terrible two’s. On my way to get a vasectomy.”

Too late now.

7 hours ago:  “Here is a link for tix to my One Man Show in NYC Wed. June 13 part of NYC Underground Comedy Fest. http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/220711

New York bros, take notice. He’s funny.

6 hours ago:  “Got a few minutes in airport. Any questions. Keep them short so I can retweet and respond. Please no questions about my big dick.”

And so went a pretty long Q&A with the fans.  Nice.

Okay, let’s rate Jim’s tweets.  Certainly very responsive to fans.  Good mix of plugs and other stuff.  I give Jim an 8 for Style, an 8 for Insanity and a 10 for Mustness.  That’s an overall score of 9.  Yay!  Follow Jim.

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