I know this review way after the fact, but fuck it.  I have to give credit where credit is due, bros.  Red Dead Redemption is one of the best video games I’ve ever played.  Just picked it up with my Game Stop gift certificate for my birthday and it was worth every electronic cent.

First, there’s the graphics.  Breathtaking landscapes and sunrises, cacti and animals running about.  The game also has a hint of sepia tone to give it a Wild West look.

Second, the navigation.  Rockstar Games is always good with this.  9 times out of 10, you have complete control of the character.  Once in a while, my hand slipped and I’d accidentally rob or hijack someone’s horse, but that was easily remedied.  Either I’d run away (just like in Grand Theft Auto) until the locals stopped chasing me or I’d just reload my previous save point.  Getting around the rather large map is easy.  Hopping a stage coach allows you to skip the trip and get to the point, another great feature with most Rockstar Games.

Third, and probably most important, the story.  I’ve seen plenty of movies that don’t have half the story this game has.  John Marsten is an ex-outlaw.   Forced to resume his “bad” life as a bounty hunter, he has to hunt down his old gang.  I can’t tell you what happens in the last act, but let me tell you, it was spectacular.  Just when you think the game is going to end, boom!  One more scene.  By the end of this game, I really wanted my revenge on one of the characters.

And if that all wasn’t enough, the End of the Year Edition comes with one of the most talked about add-ons, the zombie version.   So after you’re done with the serious story, you can get to blowing away undead guys.  I can’t remember a game that offered so much for its money.  And now, the game is in stores used for half the price.  If you haven’t played this game bros, get it now.  I give it 10 kegs out of 10.