Hey Bros!
Welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is a comedy legend, Don Rickles.  Despite the lack of a verified account it seems legit, so let’s see what Don it tweeting you hockey puck!


January 8th:  “May the coming year be a healthy and happy one for all of us otherwise you may have to cancel your cruise ship reservation to Iran.”

And miss out on what are probably the world’s freshest falafels?  No way!

January 10th:  “The Los Angeles Lakers are a great team providing Kobe remembers the names of the new guys he’s playing with.”

Does he really need to know the names of the guys that pass HIM the ball?

January 12th:  “I recently gave up driving because other cars were getting in the way!”

You’re a celebrity, you should be driven, at least until your limo driver reaches your age.

January 14th:  “Commercial airline food is great – I had a steak and they shot the cow right in front of me!”

Badum-dum!  Keesh!

January 15th:  “Winter in Chicago has became a resort for Eskimos!”

Brr.  I’d only play the casinos down south this time of year.

January 16th:  “Sorry about my grammar – became/become – who cares – when you hear the bell go to English.”

On Twitter, you’re lucky that anyone uses whole words and sentences.

January 19th:  “Hi Tweeters – If you get a chance see me at the Wild Horse Pass Casino, Chandler, AZ. Sat. Jan. 28. I don’t want to be alone.”

On the upside, you’d have the entire buffet to yourself if you are.

January 25th:  “Flying with bad turbulence is rough. I was in the 5th row having coffee, next thing I knew I was having coffee in the co-pilot seat!”

Tell him this Sinatra story, it’s killer.

January 26th:  “Tonight Showtime 11 David Steinberg premiere show with the great Jerry Seinfeld. Big treat for me. He’ll be thrilled I mentioned his name.”

Of course, you’re a comedian’s comedian.

January 28th:  “Me and my pal Chauncey – The one who writes my tweets.”

Thus the misspelling earlier.

January 29th:  “Don rickles”

Um, true?

January 30th:  “That’s right I tweeted my name…..I’ve been so busy signing autographs I forgot to stop.”

Stay tuned for his tweeted pin number.

20 hours ago:  “To my tweeting friends I’ll be appearing at the Pala Casino, Pala, CA. Sat. Feb 11 with Frank Sinatra, Jr. Great music and hopefully laughs!”

I like how he’s committed to tweeting just once a day.  Makes it special.  You gotta give the guy credit at his age for even being on twitter.  Okay, let’s rate Don’s tweets.  I’m biased, I give him all 10’s.  He’s too genius not to follow and google some of his videos.  He’s the original roaster.