Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is Jim Rash, the Dean on Community!  And if you haven’t seen Community, you’re missing out, it’s awesome.  Jim is up for an Oscar for the screenplay The Descendants.  Let’s see if his Twitter account is Oscar-worthy.


December 7th:  “Worth a 2nd RT @TheAVClub: new PSA featuring the cast of #Community asks for help 2 “Save Greendale” #greatjobinternet http://avc.lu/vdA9V1

Again, watch Community.  It’s cool.

December 7th:  “U SOB. U gave me the wrong address! RT @joelmchale: @TheSoup welcomes almost the entire cast of #nbccommunity! Except 4 @RashisTVUgly(lazy)”

Whoops.  Well, at least you won’t have to pay the SOPA fine for that one.

December 8th:  “Get ur musical on! ALL NEW #COMMUNITY! @TaranKillam guests! Steal Nielsen boxes & attach them 2 ur TVs! This is a great plan! It WILL work!”

Well, technically since I’m stealing cable, I’ll have to connect it to my neighbor’s TV.

December 15th:  “Thanx 4 GG shout outs! Overwhelmed/excited! & congrats 2 @octaviaspencer! Couldn’t have happened 2 sweeter, more giving person! & talented!”

If you haven’t seen The Descendants, here’s my review.

December 15th:  “”Thank u, my friend!” said Jim. “Mmmm. Yummy, yummy. Ur my kiss from a rose” said Dean Pelton. @joelmchale “A huge wet sloppy congrats…””

I think that has to be the first time I’ve seen someone switch in and out of character in one tweet.

December 17th:  “Found this n pocket 2day. Reminds me I party hard AND these jeans r filthy. http://pic.twitter.com/a6MKg0l8

Nice to see the whole cast support one another.

December 22nd:  “Whoa. Just saw coverage of the #Community flash mob n NYC! Once again… best fans! #sixseasonsandamovie!”

A Community movie would be the shit.  You got Chevy, so mojo box office there.

December 22nd:  “Was told LA empty over holiday. So far peeps still here! Go! I want 2 drag race thru empty streets & have shopping montage n deserted mall!”

Empty L.A.?  Much like its soul.

December 27th:  “Forgot to send out my holiday card… http://pic.twitter.com/3Mdlc1ns

So weird to see the Dean with hair.

December 27th:  “Grow, hiatus beard, grow! http://pic.twitter.com/JLVtiUhS

Hiatus beard?  Hmm, maybe that could be my excuse why I don’t shave.

January 1st:  “Yes! Made it into an ” #unfollow!” Only 1st day of new year and done with my resolutions!”

Unfollow?  Well, we must reverse that trend, bros.

January 3rd:  “Had a blast doing a Pop My Culture popcast yesterday! Thanks @pmcpodcast @colestratton http://www.popmyculturepodcast.com/?p=2762

The link is still good, check it out, bros.

January 7th:  “When a song called “Funkorgy” is followed by Scenes From an Italian Restaurant on ur ipod mix, u better believe u have what it takes 2 DJ.”

Do mental hospitals have DJ’s?

January 9th:  “An exorbitant amount of personal pillows & blankets on this flight. Coupled with dirty sweatpants, I know this plane is riddled w bedbugs.”

Tell the TSA guys to pick them off.

January 13th:  “Thanks 2 my #Community family. Their love & support is immeasurable. 2nite they proved that even more. #sixseasonsandamovie

Worst case scenario, you guys start a new show with all different characters.  You could all switch personalities.  That would be kind of cool.  Maybe a good episode of Community, now that I think about it.

January 15th:  “Limo 2 GG with my friend Meaghan…. http://pic.twitter.com/2y1Kvh07

Cool, pics at the GG.  Nice date!

January 15th:  “Red carpet…. http://pic.twitter.com/OuHwrfqt

Wow, up to the minute pics.  Make sure you get one of Ricky Gervais insulting you.

January 16th:  “Me and my sis… Post GG http://pic.twitter.com/KQmtbVSg

Aw, that’s nice, you brought your sister.

January 16th:  “Thanks for the kind #Descendants tweets! Had a blast at GGs last nite. And, this morning, back @ #Community.. Drunk and belligerent.”

I think you’re a lock for the Oscar, Jim.

January 16th:  “Me, @benfalcone, & Dustin all concur. Something’s amusing. But, check the woman n distance. Her migraine begs 2 differ. http://pic.twitter.com/mY8xPqbd

In her defense, that’s a lot of star power to process.

January 21st: “Preparing for real subtle character work @sfsketchfest with fellow Groundlings… http://pic.twitter.com/l8nnDb1e

You are to wigs what Clark Kent was to glasses.

9 hours ago:  “Whoa. Overwhelming! Thank u all 4 the Oscar tweets! Now, what 2 wear? Lady Gaga, Tina Turner, the “flat Ba-Roque” guy…?”

The Dean is back.

9 hours ago:  “Gotta love a morning of “congrats” emails mixed with spam from Stanley Steamer! I can get $25 off carpet cleaning, ya’ll!”

That’s a good price, but I’d wait until after your Oscar party.

Okay, let’s rate the Dean’s tweets.  Major points for behind-the-scenes stuff, which I enjoy.  Pretty funny and relatively current, considering his hectic schedule.  I give Jim Rash an 8 for Mustness, a 9 for Insanity and a 10 for Style.  That’s an overall score of 9.  You must follow the Dean!

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