Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s Twitterer is comedian T.J. Miller, better know as “Hud” from the Cloverfield movie and recently appeared in one of my favorite TV shows, The League, as a religious dude.  He’s funny and you should probably pay attention to him.  Let’s see what he’s tweeting about.


December 28th:  “Every time u want to tell someone to “grow up, get a job & start building a lego version of yourself,” maybe u should #thinkaboutjoanlife.”

I had to disassemble the lego version of myself.  He’d only pay his share of the rent in lego money.

December 28th:  “Alright now back to firebombing a fire. I mean, it can’t hurt right? See you guys in 2012………………………………………….”

Not a lot of comedians work with fire.  You have to give him that.

December 29th:  “Really hoping they make #road2nardo @ Universal, I’m keeping other people’s fingers crossed. Can’t cross mine, I have basket weaving to do!”

For a second, I thought you meant a sequel to the Road.  I don’t think I could sit through the Road 2 without cutting myself.

December 29th:  “Denver, no matter what, I appreciate you. Sometimes you really get it, and other times you’re still fucking awesome. http://www.heyreverb.com/2011/12/29/best-of-2011-stand-up-shows-comedy-albums-and-video-games/

Nicely done.

December 31st:  “I swear, Cheryl won’t let me say it but: “French television is such poor video quality Green Lantern looks like Green Hornet!” (sips cafe)”

Well, at least it doesn’t look as bad as The Spirit.

December 31st:  “I just fist fought a gas station attendant bc he insinuated “full service” didn’t included me giving him a blowjob. Fucking Ohio asshole.”

Look, we all know that “full service” includes penetration, T.J.  Up your game.

December 31st:  “(trains gun on intruder)
How did the two sharks know they could trust each other?
(Intruder shakes head “don’t know”)
Because they had a real close Finsship…
(two shots are heard from a distance)”

I gotta say, that’s the first tweet that felt like an entire little short film.

12 hours ago:  “Hello! My email is tjmilleretc@yahoo.com if ever you come to the states. I love Jose!”

No idea why he tweeted this.

11 hours ago:  “Kansas city here I come!”

Oh, dear Lord.  He’s obviously never been to Kansas.  Don’t wear your best shoes.

11 hours ago:  “I can’t imagine not having an imagination, and that’s the first step to recovery.”

Could God imagine something that not even he could imagine?

11 hours ago:  “Isolation is much easier than having relationships but less rewarding.”

And you tend to spend more money on fleshlights.

11 hours ago:  “”British people have a great sense of humor.” -everyone who doesn’t have a good sense of humor. (sense of humor is not racial)”

Don’t pick on the Brits.  They’re some of our finest American actors.

11 hours ago:  “I can’t figure out if this guy is gay or not. His dick tasted straight. What did it taste like? Homophobia.”

Boom!  There’s the jokes!  But I wouldn’t open with it.

11 hours ago:  “You know how to whistle don’t you? Just put you lips together and say “I’ll pay someone to whistle right now.””

Thought you were going for a blowjob joke there, but you took the high ground.  Fuck.

Okay, let’s rate T.J.’s tweets.  He is definitely putting some work into his tweets, which I like.  Could use some more behind the scenes stuff, but hey, he’s funny so why complain?  BTW, he has a cool website.  I give TJ a 7 for Style, a 9 for Mustness and a 9 for Insanity.  That’s an overall score of 8.3.  Totally worth following.  And if you have a suggestion for Twitter in Focus, email us here.